Tomato Indeterminate Elongated

Tomato indeterminate Elongated Hybrid Sanmarzano type. It is noted for its high production, great earliness, uniformity and hardness of fruits. The fruit of 130-160 g, slightly pear shape with green shoulder and tolerant to stem cracking.
Tomato indeterminate Elongated Plant of high medium vigor, open structure. Oval fruits, slightly longed, thick fruit of 120-140 g, very good vine formation to be harvested in clusters. It is notable for its production in any cycle and conditions, as well as for its rusticity and high resistance to viruses. Resistant to TMV/V/F:1,2 and intermediate resistance to TSWV and TYLCV.
Tomato indeterminate Elongated Vigorous plant with big leaves which give good foliar coverage. Medium-large size (100-120 g), slightly conical shape and intense green color. Very good flavor and texture. High productive capacity, as much for single harvest as for cluster. It maintains green shoulders. Resistant to TMV/V/F:1,2 and intermediate resistance to TYLCV.
Tomato indeterminate Elongated SALADETTE type tomato of 150 g, very intense color both green and ripe and, without green shoulder. Vigorous plant, healthy and dark with very good cluster formation. High and early production. It is suitable both for spring and winter under greenhouse.
Tomato indeterminate Elongated SALADETTE type variety of 120 g with intense red color both green and ripe, good uniformity and great firmness. Vigorous and dark plant with perfect formation of clusters. Ideal for cultivation both in spring and winter under greenhouse. Excellent resistances to TYLCV.
Tomato indeterminate Elongated INDETERMINATE tomato of OVAL type with excellent performances. Thick fruit of 160 g, great firmness and very good uniformity. It is tolerant to Blossom end rot.

Tomato indeterminate Elongated Phase 3
Variety of INDETERMINATE tomato of the OVAL ELONGATED type between 130-140 g noted for its great uniformity, hardness and absence of "tetilla". It develops a quite vigorous and productive plant.