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Botanical Name: Cucumis sativus L.

Common Name:
SPANISH: Pepino  ENGLISH: Cucumber FRENCH: Concombre DUTCH: Komkommer
PORTUGUESE: Cucumber GERMAN: Gurke ITALIAN: Cetriolo

General characteristics:
Annual plant of creeping habit, with herbaceous, highly branched stems, which emit tendrils, susceptible to pruning and internodes. Leaves rounded, more or less reniform, covered with somewhat rough hairs. The flowers, in commercial varieties, are generally monoecious. The first to appear are the male flowers; the female flowers appear on the secondary stems and from the first leaf of each tertiary stem. The fruits are peponid, very varied in shape and appearance.

Indicative data:

  • Number of seeds per gram: 25-35.
  • Useful Plants per 10 gr. of Seed: 200-300
  • Planting spacing between rows: 100-200 cm
  • Sowing spacing between plants: 50-100 cm
  • Seeds per Stroke: 1-2
  • Planting Depth: 1-2 cm
  • Germination Power: 5 years
  • Growing Cycle: 3-6 months

CU-5506Beit winterHigh23018-19.5One fruit per node
CU-5344DutchHigh38030-32Early sowing
CU-5534DutchHigh35030-32Late sowing
CU-5346DutchHigh38030-33Intermediate sowing
CU-5772PicklingMedium18015-17Full dark green
CU-5912PicklingHigh17014-15Medium green
CU-5312SlicerMedium20019-22Wide adaptability

Cucumis sativus (CUCUMBER)  
Scientific nameEnglish common nameCode
Cucumber vein yellowing virusCucumber vein yellowingCVYV
Cucurbit yellow stunting disorder virusCucurbit yellow stunting disorderCYSDV