Tomato Determinate Green Shoulder

DETERMINATE variety of strong and healthy plant with THICK fruit of 290-300 g and green shoulder. The fruit shape is flattened with slight ribbing. It is multiloculare, very fleshy and excellent firmness. Early production.
DETERMINATE tomato of flattened shape and slightly ribbed. Marked green shoulder and very nice color when it ripe. Resistant to cracking and very hard. Average weight of 290 g.
DETERMINATE variety with medium vigorous and dark plant. Fruits of 260 g, uniform and firm and very marked green shoulder before rippening. It is especially recommended for harvest in DARK GREEN or ripe. Resistance to TMV/V/F:2/N and intermediate resistance to TSWV.
DETERMINATE variety of flattened fruit, very thick of 300 g, very hard without cracking and slight green shoulder. It has good uniformity and color. Very healthy plant, dark and vigorous.