Cucumber Dutch

Cucumber Dutch EARLY CYCLE. It is recommended for sowing in July (early Autumn) and February (early Spring). It is noted for its fruit quality throughout the production. The plant has intermediate vigor, short internodes and 1-2 fruits per node. The fruits have a stable length during the whole cycle, straight and attractive dark green color. Resistances to CVYV and CYSDV.
Cucumber Dutch INTERMEDIATE CYCLE. Variety with excellent vigor and high yield. It is recommended for intermediate cycle. It has dark green leaves, nice open plant habit, well balanced and with many re-sprouts which give a long production cycle. It has 1-2 fruits per internode, dark green color. It is noted for its ribbed which maintains well in cold times. Resistances to CVYV.
Cucumber Dutch LATE CYCLE. It is recommend for sowing in mid September and all of October. Vigorous plant and very well balanced, short internodes and very productive. High fruit quality, fruit length of 30-32 cm, very well ribbed, dark and bright color. It re-sprouts easily and maintains sizes during the whole cycle with very good final yields.