Terms and conditions

By placing an order, the purchaser accepts these terms and conditions in their entirety. This contract will be formalised at the time of our written confirmation or at the time of issuing the invoice corresponding to the order placed by the buyer. The buyer waives its own jurisdiction, if any, submitting to the jurisdiction of the courts of Valencia or those designated by the seller.

In no case INTERSEMILLAS S.A. is responsible for not being able to serve an order for lack of stock. INTERSEMILLAS S.A. does not accept returns of orders served.

All orders will travel at the risk of the buyer, declining INTERSEMILLAS SA any liability for delay, damage or loss attributable to the carrier. Buyers must examine, upon receipt, the contents of the shipment, showing the conformity of this. Our goods are packed for sale from our warehouses and travel at the consignee’s risk and expense, whatever the means of transport.
Our goods are carefully examined before packing and include a delivery note listing the contents, and are handed over to the transport company which, in turn, also gives us a delivery note.
For buyers who, for their own requirements or for any other reason, require that shipments of our goods have to be transported by a means not usual for INTERSEMILLAS S.A., these charges will be borne by the buyer. We suggest our customers not to accept shipments without first making sure that they are in good condition, that their weight corresponds to that indicated on the delivery note and that the seal bearing our brand is absolutely intact.

Seed conditioning is the set of post-harvest operations to which a batch of seed is subjected in order to maximise the amount of pure seed with the highest degree of uniformity, vigour and germination. Among these operations, treatments such as pilling or coating are carried out, which consist of covering the seed, basically to facilitate automatic sowing. This service is carried out at the customer’s request, and must be coordinated and planned in order to optimise time and costs.

In exceptional cases, the prices of our products may be modified without prior notice due to the yields of the harvests per season. Payments after the agreed due date will accrue the established annual interest, and the customer will be responsible for the financial and bank charges resulting from the delay.
In the event of non-payment of the obligations acquired by the buyer to INTERSEMILLAS S.A., or any other default, INTERSEMILLAS S.A. has the right to cancel this contract of sale, in whole or in part, or any other outstanding sales contract with the buyer without legal intervention.

Any claim on the seed, must be made within 30 days of receipt. Once this period has elapsed, no claim of any kind will be accepted. The fact that the buyer makes a claim, does not give you the right to postponement or delay of payment obligations acquired against INTERSEMILLAS SA.
All seeds supplied are of high quality, we pay the utmost attention in the selection and preparation of these.
Our guarantee covers the limits indicated in the General Regulations for the Control and Certification of Seeds and Nursery Plants dated 23rd May 1986 (B.O.E. 06/06/86).