Onion Short Day Yellow Medium

Broccoli Winter Variety of excellent health, adapted to cultivation both for fresh and INDUSTRY. Vigorous plant of dark color. Compact head and very defined florets, making it ideal for industry. Very conical shape and fine grain. Few re-sprouts of good quality. Weight around 750-900 g. It is recommended for transplants from August to January with good results in the middle of Winter.
Broccoli Autumn-Winter

Phase 3

Broccoli of long cycle and for AUTUMN-WINTER cultivation. It develops a very vigorous plant with large, broad and smooth leaves with the formation of a large and compact pellet with a rounded shape and fine grain. The outline is very rounded, without internal leaves and without yellowish grains. It does not produce sprouts.
Cucumber Slicer Variety adapted to diverse growing conditions. Cylindrical fruits, 22 cm long and 5-6 cm. in diameter. Dark green color marking a faint yellow star at the apex. It has a few white spines. Vigorous plant that adapts to both ground and crop trellising.
Cucumber Beit Winter Beit alpha variety with one fruit per node for WINTER cultivation and good results also in summer. Very vigorous plant, dark and healthy. Long fruits of 19,5 cm long and medium green color. Very high production.
Cucumber Slicer Slicer cucumber variety, very dark color and PARTHENOCARPIC, size of 21x4.4 cm and average weight of 240 g.
Cucumber Pickling Parthenocarpic Gherkin cucumber that provides a very dark fruit, without just yellow star, of great length and generous amount of thorns of its just size. Extraordinary production and uniformity throughout the whole cycle, with good results in all sowing dates. Vigorous and balanced plant with dark leaves and extraordinary health.
Cucumber Beit Spring - Phase 3 Beit alpha variety with one fruit per node for WINTER cultivation and good results also in summer. Very vigorous plant, dark and healthy. Long fruits of 19,5 cm long and medium green color. Very high production.
Parthenocarpic Phase 3
Cucumber of SLICER type, with very DARK color, well marked and well distributed spines and very straight. Plant of medium vigor, dark and very healthy.
Eggplant Long Variety of LONG fruit. Its length is 22-25 cm and 4-5 cm diameter. Average weight between 220-240 g. The plant has straight structure and medium vigor with dark green coloration and adapted to difficult conditions. The production is early and very high. It has spines.
Eggplant Round Hybrid of low bearing. Fruit of oval shape, round, bright dark violet color, which can exceed 300 g in weight. It is a very early variety for greenhouse, tunnel and outdoor crops. It has spines and somehow lobed fruits.
Eggplant White Semilong New arrival in the hybrid eggplants. Vigorous plant with light green leaves and violet flowers. The fruit is CREAMY WHITE with an average weight of 450 gr. The production is later than the standard varieties but it is more uniform, more productive and with few thorns.
Eggplant Long Variety of LONG type, SPINELESS. The fruit is dark, long 27-30 cm, average weight 250 gr and very straight shape. It is noted for its uniformity, very early and high yield. Excellent results for the industrial processing.
Eggplant Round Variety of BLACK eggplant. The fruit is large, almost round and SPINELESS with an average weight 350-380 gr. It is noted for its high and early and high production, very dark and shiny color. It has FEW SEEDS in the fruit.
Eggplant Stripped Stripped hybrid eggplant that stands out for its dark-looking veined and absence of thorns in the calice. Vigorous plant however very early production. It is not recommended for winter cultivation.
Eggplant Semilong SEMILONG hybrid variety of very dark purple fruits and white flesh of good quality. It has an approximate weight of 300-330 gr. Length of 18-19 cm. More diameter than 4-5 cm and less than 7-8 cm. It can be harvested 70-75 days after transplant. It is recommended for greenhouse and outdoor cultivation.
EG-5378 Eggplant
Eggplant White Long - Phase 3 LONG WHITE Eggplant up to 25 cm long and very straight. Vigo-rous calix of light green color and soft spines that tend to disap-pear in more advanced phases of the crop.
Eggplant Round Phase 3 BULBOUS and ROUNDED Eggplant of large size that can grow up to 500 g. Intense and bright black fruit, great uniformity in production. It stands out for its green, small and spineless calyx that can be very interesting to increase profitability in industrial processing.
Eggplant Semilong Phase 3  

SEMILONG hybrid variety SPINELESS. It is recommended for greenhouse and outdoor cultivation. It develops a vigorous plant with a very erect habit. Extraordinarily dark and shiny fruits with a rounded finish with a medium-sized green calyx.


Eggplant Semilong Phase 3

SEMILONG hybrid variety of BLACK color. It stands out for its vigorous, dark and very healthy plant. Easy setting in cold conditions where it develops a very dark, shiny and straight fruit with a medium calyx and SPINELESS. Very good total production and earliness.

Melon Yellow Semiwrinkled Yellow melon variety. Medium vigorous plant with an excellent production. Fruit weight around 2,6-3 kg with good brix, intense yellow color and without cavity. Soft ribs and slight netting. It is recommended for early cultivations.
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