Supplying our customers with high quality has been a tradition since our first years on the market.

Quality commitment

Aware of the importance of being a trustworthy company for INTERSEMILLAS, we care about having quality controls and standards above the official standards allowed and even above those of our competitors.

Before our seeds are sent to the market, they need to pass and pass numerous tests that determine the optimal physiological and genetic quality of each commercial lot.

Germination and vigor are the fundamental physiological attributes of a good seed. Intersemillas carefully analyzes each batch in order to obtain the results that ensure excellent emergence.

Try to ensure that our hybrids are genetically as uniform as possible; To do this, we carry out different tests depending on the species. This is how we guarantee the purity and uniformity of each hybrid.

R+D commitment

High purity and uniformity in all our hybrids.

Our dedication to research is reflected in constant innovation and adaptation to the very needs that need to be met for all participants involved in the production chain.

INTERSEMILLAS has always invested its efforts in developing better varieties of vegetables, flowers, trees and lawns, where research and innovation of new and better products receive special attention.

Commitment to service

We are committed to communication between clients and us, which must be constant, seamless and immediate, using an independent and integrating criterion in the ideal of the company.

Commitment on genetically modified organisms

INTERSEMILLAS undertakes not to supply any genetically modified variety to our clients, not even as a test sample in the experimental phase, strictly complying with current regulations in the C.E.