Onion Short Day
Extra Early

Onion Short Day Yellow Super extra early variety. Surprisingly, it develops a vigorous plant, strong and healthy which allows a good harvest in bunches for spring onions. The bulb development is very early for dry bulb, and it keeps its shape even in the over-maturing with a good color.
Onion Short Day Yellow Variety of extraordinary earliness for harvesting even at the end of March. The plant is quite vigorous and straight and tall stem. It is noted for its high uniformity, rounded shape, intense yellow color and little sensitive to bolting.

Onion Short Day Yellow NEW

EXTRA EARLY SHORT DAY onion. VERY GOOD COLOR. It can be harvested on last week of MARCH. Medium vigor and color plant with very good resistance to flower climbing. Large bulb, good color and slightly flattened shape that can grow 300g of average weight.

Onion Short Day Yellow - Phase 3

Novelty in SHORT day onion and SUPER EXTRA EARLY cycle. It can be harvested in mid-March with bulbs of large size and dark color.

ONION Yellow short day extra early ON-5738
Onion Short Day Yellow - Phase 3

SHORT day onion and SUPER EXTRA EARLY cycle. Can start to harvest in mid-March. Direct sowing from the beginning of September. Plant of medium vigor, with fine leaves and erect habit. Bulb with flatted shape.