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Botanical Name: Solanum melongena L.

Common Name:
SPANISH: Berenjena ENGLISH: Eggplant FRENCH: Aubergine DUTCH: Aubergine
PORTUGUESE: Beringela GERMAN: Eierfrucht ITALIAN: Melanzana

General characteristics:
Plant cultivated as an annual, with semi-woody, erect, branched stem, indeterminate growth. Under favourable conditions it grows to over two metres in height. The leaves are entire, oval, with somewhat lobed edges, covered with hairs and sometimes with thorns on the nerves, greyish in colour. The fruit is a more or less elongated globose berry of dark purple, green, white or white with purple marbling, shiny skin and thorny calyx. According to the length of the fruit, they are classified as short, semi-long and long.

Indicative data:
● Number of Seeds per Gram: 200-300
● Useful Plants per 10 gr. of Seed: 1000
● Sowing spacing between rows: 100-200
● Sowing spacing between plants: 50-100
● Seeds per Stroke: 1-2
● Planting depth: 0.5-0.8 cm
● Germination Power: 4-5 years
● Growing Cycle: 6-11 months
● Kilograms per Seed per Hectare: 0.1-0.2
● Germination Temperature (minimum, maximum, optimum): 15ºC, 25ºC, 35ºC
● Germination Time: 7-10 days

EG-5094HALF LONG WHITEMedium420-450 15-16Very tender
EG-3202LONGLow220-24022-25Some spines
EG-5096LONGMedium250-28027-30Spineless, deep black
EG-4804ROUNDHigh290-31015-16Some spines
EG-5236SEMILONGMedium300-33018-19Some spines
EG-5480 Phase3SEMILONGHigh300-33118-20Open field and greenhouse
EG-5546 Phase3SEMILONGHigh300-33217-18Very early
EG-5204STRIPPEDVery high380-40016-17Spineless, very good yield