Watermelon Triploid Stripped

Striped watermelon for markets where larger fruits are required 7-9 kg. Noted for the darker background of the skin with respect to Relax, which gives it a better response to the sunken. Good result in late crops outdoors where no black seeds appear.
TRIPLOID variety of dark stripes and medium green background. It is a rounded watermelon that is noted for its intense red flesh and uniformity of sizes and shapes. Average weight between 7-10 kg.
TRIPLOID variety of striped rind. It is noted for its excellent germination which provides a solution to one of the great problems for this type of variety. It develops into a vigorous plant of dark color which produces round fruits of medium size. Red and firm flesh of excellent color, very few white seeds and high sugar content which permits an early harvest and high production. The flesh firmness offers a great resistance to over-ripening making it suitable for long transport distances.
TRIPLOID variety of dark stripes and 4.5 kg weight. Very good FLESH QUALITY, perfect flavor and texture, and intense red color. Excellent results in full field.
Triploid watermelon of developed for the market of between 4-4,5 kg of MEDIUM WEIGHT. Very beautiful interior color and extraordinary organoleptic quality.
Striped Watermelon NEW
Striped variety of 6.5-7.0 kg of average weight that notes for its great uniformity. The fruit is perfectly rounded, very good taste quality and very high brix.
Dark striped watermelon

TRIPLOID variety of the DARK STRIPED type that is part of the Zebra segment but with a completely round shape and a weight between 5.6-6.2 kg. It stands out for its FIRM pulp and very hard rind. Despite its only 12 mm, it makes it highly resistant to transport. All this together with an intense red pulp, very crunchy and sweet, combined with a vigorous, dark and very healthy plant, make it a very interesting variety for both FRESH and PROCESSED markets.