Tomato Processing Elongated All Meat

Processing tomato ellongated all meat Phase 3

ALL MEAT Tomato for Peeled. It develops a plant of medium vigor, well covered and without secondary formation. The fruit is of high quality with an average weight of 95 g, of great firmness, with few fiber or heart and very uniform. The production is extraordinary and don't appear blossom end rot.

ALL FLESH variety for peeled entire. It develops vigorous plant of medium color and curly leaves. It is noted for its high production, and very big and hard fruit. It has very few rotten fruits in adverse conditions.
Variety of ALL FLESH PEAR type. Vigorous plant of medium green color, curled leaves and good covered. It is noted for its excellent color, uniformity of fruits, easy to peel, great production and high brix, making it one of the favorites between farmers and producers. Resistances to VFP.