The INTERSEMILLAS company was established on March 7, 1983 in order to produce and commercialize seeds in the Spanish territory.

Intersemillas, a company with history and vision of the future


1983- Constitution of INTERSEMILLAS

– The company INTERSEMILLAS, S.A. was founded on 7 March 1983 with the aim of producing and marketing seeds in Spain.
– Selection of the first vegetable plant material.
– First installations in the Pinaeta of Quart de Poblet. 

1984 - Authorisation Producing Entity

On 12 September 1984, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food granted the Authorisation as a Production Entity No. 38. (ES-17-46/1319)

1985 - Selection of new materials and creation of Delegations

Expansion of the Horticultural Crops variety catalogue.
Establishment of the Valencia, Murcia, Western Andalusia, Ebro Valley-Basque Country and Extremadura offices for commercial and pre-commercial variety trials.


1992 - Creation of Ornamental and Environmental Department

Creation of the Forestry and Ornamental Seed Department where the main activity, together with consultancy, was the supply of seeds for forestry and ornamental production nurseries, landscaping, sports fields and environmental restoration through erosion control. Three years later, in 1995, the Lawn and Revegetation Seed Department was created.


1993 - Change of facilities

Relocation to the new facilities in Partida La Tancá, extending the office space, laboratory and test field.

1994 - Attendance at Horticultural Trade Fairs

Torrepacheco, Murcia


1996 - New GRACIOSA Watermelon

Official presentation of GRACIOSA yellow flesh watermelon in the National Market with sales in the supermarkets of El Corte Inglés, diffusion in the local press and in regional TV programmes (Canal 9).


1998 - Creation of the Department of Ornamental, Aromatic and Condimentary Flowers

Expansion of the product range

2002 - Incorporation of new seeds

Expansion of the product range with the incorporation of Baby Leaf and Revegetation seeds in degraded areas.

2008 - New facilities

The company keeps growing, the offices are moved and the warehouse is enlarged with more space to store the seed. The location in Polígono de Loriguilla, very close to the old location in Quart de Poblet where the laboratory and greenhouses are maintained, this way the land for the Experimental Station is extended.


2009 - Creation of Genetic Programme and New Varieties

The R+D Department sets up programmes for testing known species and obtaining new varieties. Specialised in Melon, Watermelon, Tomato, Onion, Cucumber.

2011 - Boosting the International Department

Intersemillas is committed to growth in the international market by giving a strong boost to a series of horticultural varieties.
Dissemination continues to be a marketing strategy and it participates in the sector’s main trade fairs, including the 40th edition of Iberflora in the Horticultural Technology show.


2012 - Establishment of the Research and Development Centre - INVESEED

Intersemillas is strongly committed to innovation and development, investing heavily in facilities, high-tech laboratory equipment, modern greenhouses and a large work team that will focus its objectives on improving varieties.

– Incorporation in the CAECV (CV2886E) with Horticultural seeds. Organic Production Certificate

2013 - First year of participation at FRUIT ATTRACTION

Intersemillas has made an important marketing decision to participate in FRUIT ATTRACTION, the main international trade fair for the fruit and vegetable sector.


2014 - The Delegation of Eastern Andalusia (Almeria) starts its activities.

A team is set up in Almeria to provide technical support to the Eastern Andalusia area (Almeria), and at the same time a strategic commitment is made to participate in EXPOLEVANTE Nijar.

2017 - First SOROLLA Orange Flesh Toad Skin Melon

After more than 8 years of research in a melon improvement programme, a differentiating and unique product has been obtained, SOROLLA orange flesh toad skin melon with high nutritional properties.


2018 - Celebration of the company's 35th anniversary

35 years of work for farmers and the environment.
– It continues to expand and grow in human resources, infrastructures and facilities.

2020 - Enlargement with a vision for the future

Acquisition of new facilities in Níjar, Almería for the new Research and Development Centre.
Establishment of the Delegation in Portugal and expansion in Castilla La Mancha.