Melon Sapo

Melon Sapo PIEL DE SAPO melon with longitudinal writing that perfectly defines the traditional type. Its fruit is of elongated shape and "large size" ranging between 4,8-5,3 kg. Great organoleptic quality and not very sensitive to aging. It develops a very vigorous plant and can be cultivated both in the early greenhouse, where it offers a high quality product, and in the open field.
Melon Sapo M-5922
Melon Sapo 

PIEL DE SAPO melon very netted. The shape is slightly elonga-ted oval and with a size that can range between 4,0-5,0 kg. Its highlights is the great organoleptic quality and uniformity. It de-velops a vigorous and very healthy plant. Excellent results both in early crops in greenhouses and outdoors.

Melon Sapo PIEL DE SAPO melon with longitudinal netting and oval shape, slightly elongated, makes it the typical "traditional melon". It develops a very vigorous, healthy and highly productive plant. Nice balance between sugar and crispy and consistent meat. Itts "average size", around 3.2 kg, make it very appealing for both the domestic and export markets. It offers excellent results in late plantations.
Melon Sapo

Melon PIEL DE SAPO for crops from Almeria to Valencia. VERY THICK constant fruit in all areas from 5.5-6.5 kg. Oval-elongated form of abundant and intense writing. Very balanced cavity in the recommended areas. Excellent organoleptic quality. Very healthy plant.

Melon Sapo

PIEL DE SAPO melon, with a LONG and medium fruit of about 3.2 kg of average weight, very stable in all areas. It has abundant and intense longitudinal writing on a very dark green background. Its main characteristic is the high quality of the fruit, both for being crunchy, hard meat and a lot of flavor. Plant with good vigor and excellent response in the presence of powdery mildew.

Melon Sapo

Melon of PIEL DE SAPO type, with an LONG OVAL shape, with abundant longitudinal writing and of medium intensity. Very beautiful in all conditions. The fruit is medium-large in size, ranging from 3.3 kg in Almería, 4.2 kg in Murcia, reaching 5.7 kg in La Mancha, maintaining a very stable middle cavity. It develops a very vigorous, dark plant with excellent response in the presence of powdery mildew. In all areas it has obtained good results.