Onion Short Day Medium

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Onion Short Day Yellow Medium NEW

SHORT DAY onion and MEDIUM cycle for final APRIL harvest. It stands out for its vigorous plant of erect bearing, dark color and very healthy. Very thick bulb, rounded and very good color. Great production

Onion Short Day Yellow AVERAGE-EARLY SHORT DAY onion, to harvest from April 20-23. It stands out for its vigorous, dark, very healthy and erect plant. Large bulbs, excellent color and firmness with a very nice conical-rounded shape.
Onion Short Day Yellow MIDDEL cycle SHORT DAY onion, especially recommended for those producers where production takes precedence over early. Harvest can be started from the end of APRIL to the beginning of MAY with direct sowing from September 25 until mid-October. It produces large bulbs of rounded shape, very consistent and of great conservation.