Onion Short Day Early

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Onion Short Day Yellow Early Short day yellow onion variety. Extra early. Round flattened shape, and uniform medium size. Medium yellow external color and yellowish white internal color. It is suitable for spring onions and dry onions. Short storage period and delicate and mild flavor, very high production. Tolerance to bolting. On the Mediterranean coast it is sown in September for harvesting in April.
Onion Short Day Yellow Short day Onion early maturing. It is noted for its resistance to bolting. The bulb is large, round with very firm consistency, strong skins that don’t crack The results is a product of high quality with yellow skins and good conservation.
Onion Short Day Yellow Medium Short day of EARLY cycle, similar to Spring Star. Little sensitive to bolting. Large bulbs which offer great production.
Onion Short Day Yellow EARLY SHORT DAY onion to harvest the FIRST week of APRIL. Medium-low vigor plant that stands out for the uniformity of its round-shaped bulbs of very good exterior color and surprising hardness.
Onion Short Day Yellow - Phase 3

EARLY maturing SHORT day onion, it can be harvested the second week of April. It stands out for its vigorous plant, dark in color and very healthy. May have great aptitude for DRY and BUNCH use given its strong and short neck.