tomato indeterminate green shoulder

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Tomato indeterminate Green shoulder INDETERMINATED tomato of vigorous and very productive plant. Especially recommended for early production, both for open field and greenhouse. Thick fruit, multilocular, 270-300 gr. With green shoulder and slightly flattened round shape. It also noted for its great organoleptic quality. Ideal for domestic market. Resistant to nematodes.
Tomato indeterminate Green shoulder Resistant variety to SPOTTED. It is a variety of thick fruit (260-280 g), slightly flattened shape and slight green shoulders. It is noted for its firmness, excellent quality of multi lobed fruits and excellent production. The plant also has resistances to VFFN y TMV. Variety for cultivation in open field mainly.
Tomato indeterminate Green shoulder Plant of INDETERMINATED structure and medium vigor, with very short internodes. Fruit with GREEN SHOULDERS for harvesting in mature or green with very big shoulders and weight of 300 g, resisting the cracking very well. Good response to the TSWV virus.