Onion Short Day Red

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Onion Short Day Red Short day RED onion and late maturity. On the Mediterranean coast it is harvested at the end of May/beginning of June. It is noted for its high production of large bulbs with pear shape, slightly flattened, and intense red color in all its layers. It endures well bolting, still in early sowing.
Short day variety of red onion, with LATE ripening although earlier than ON-5244 . Plant of medium vigor and good health, erect bearing and light colored leaves. Round-oval bulb with intense red color and good size.
Interesting variety of RED onion for SHORT day and MEDIUM ripening. Sowings can be made from mid-September for harvests at the end of APRIL without problem of premature rise to flower. It develops large bulbs of good color and conical shape.
RED ONION SHORT DAY and EXTRA EARLY ripening for dry harvesting in early APRIL. It develops a large bulb with conical shape, slightly flattened and with a pinkish-red color. THe inner red layers take 20-25 days to develop after harvest. It can be used for bunch pickings given its early bulb formation and its vigorous and healthy plant. Holds up the premature rise to flower very well.