Squash Lebanese

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Variety of WHITE color. The plant has medium vigor, with a rounded and flattened structure, large and serrated leaves with medium mottling. The fruit is cylindrical and slightly bulbous and of a milk-white color with marked edges. Good early production. Very RESISTANT to virus and Powdery Mildew.
Variety of WHITE type. Vigorous plant, dark and healthy. It is notable for its lacks mottling on its leaves, and its low density which allows it to be grown in greenhouse. The fruit is slightly bulbous without edges, high uniformity, extremely healthy. Very resistant to VIRUS. Good result in winter cultivations.
Lebanese squash Phase 3

Variety of GREENISH WHITE squash. It is noted for its plant vigorous, very dark of large leaves, serred, little mottled, resistant to POWDERY MILDEW and VIRUS and very good production. The fruit is quite cylindrical with a very attractive color, drawing length-wise of a darker color and very intense green peduncle. Virus damage is not present at any stage of production.

Lebanese squash cylindrical fruit, slightly bleached, medium color, without edges and with little marble. It stands out for a strong, dark and healthy plant with very good production and extraordinary behavior in the presence of virus and powdery mildew. Good behavior in greenhouse cultivation where production is very concentrated.
Lebanese squash notable for its vigorous plant and medium size, excellent healthy especially in the presence of powdery mildew. Slightly bulbous with light green edges and dark green peduncle.