Tomato Processing Round

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EARLY cycle variety and medium-high vigor but confined inside the bed. This behavior allows easy cultivation in different conditions. Round fruit of 85 g very uniform and with very little fiber in wall and heart. It stands out for being very concentrated ripening. It offers very high productions
Variety of EARLY-MEDIUM cycle with vigorous plant. Fruit of good size and excellent brix, hardness, uniformity and color. Without any doubt, it is a variety with great aptitude for industry.
Variety for processing tomato of MEDIUM cycle. It is noted for its dark green plant, rounded structure, vigorous but compact and specially healthy. Good response to attack of bacteria. Excellent production, very uniform with rounded fruits of good brix and size around 80 g. Resistances to VFFNP. Very balanced variety.
Excellent variety of MEDIUM EARLINESS. Vigorous plant with wide and curly leaf of greyish green color. Flattened and compact plant which cover very well the fruits. High production of round fruits, very firm with good size of 95 g and high Brix. It has resistance to VFFNP.
Variety for EARLY concentrated tomato. Plant of suitable vigor and wide and dark leaves which cover the production very well. Square fruit of medium size with very good wall and firmness. It has the features that all farmers are looking for one early variety: good size of fruit, firmness, color, brix and good production. Resistant to VFFNP.
The top in earliness with quality. Cycle of 105 days. It has a compact plant with all resistances, good coverage, high production, very firm fruits, excellent color and besides a HIGH BRIX. The shape of fruit is round and slightly oval.
The top for a sure option, Cycle of 115 days. Vigorous plant of dark color which offers very good coverage. Abundant flowering, excellent setting, large fruits, offering great production. Its coloration, firmness and high Brix make it really top.
Medium cycle with resistance to TSWV. Cycle of 105-110 days. Vigorous plant with round and compact structure which give good coverage. Very high production with medium size fruits of 80 g which endure in the field for its good hardness. Proven resistance under conditions of the disease TSWV.