Tomato Determinate Elongate

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PEAR type tomato. This is the first determinate variety of pear type, specially designed for the fresh market. It produces thick fruits of 150 g in progressive order with slight green shoulder, high firmness and excellent flavor. It has a wide range of resistances, making a healthy and productive cultivation in open field.
DETERMINATE variety of pear type. Oval fruits of large size of 160-180 g, good firmness, excellent color and very resistant to cracking. Very productive.

Phase 3 Determinated tomato elongated to oval type of 150 g. Very vigorous plant but well covered.

DETERMINATED tomato medium-late maturing, ellongated fruit and large size that can range between 120-140 g and high brix. Vigorous plant, light in color and quite productive. It is interesting for FRESH MARKET due to its great resistance in the field.