Watermelon Diploid Elongated Crimson

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CRIMSON SWEET type variety . Fruit of 11-13 kg with clearly elongated shape and rate L/D 1.54. Skin with wide green stripes, very diffused, leaving little space for the white background. The fruit has very few dark seeds of dark color and medium size. Thick rind of 19 cm. Good Brix and production.
Variety of VERY ELONGATED watermelon rate L/D 1.8 cm and 14 kg weight. Medium green stripes and very wide that almost completes the white background. Few black seeds of medium size. Very good production and high brix level.
CRIMSON SWEET type variety. Elongated fruit of 10-13 kg weight and rate L/D 1.48. It is noted for the intense red color of the flesh and excellent organoleptic quality.
Elongated stripped watermelon Phase 3
Diploid variety of ELONGATED STRIPED watermelon. It is noted for its shape of the elongated fruit and earliness despite its great size around 13 kg.
Elongated stripped watermelon Phase 3

ELONGATED STRIPED watermelon of 40x25 cm. It is noted for its small light seeds and high production. Excellent taste.