Melon Galia

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Melon Galia GALIA variety of vigorous plant and medium color. The fruit has rounded shape slightly ribbed and abundant and uniform netting. Weight around of 2 kg and very hard flesh.
GALIA melon of the long shelf life type. The fruit has a round shape and small size, with an average weight of 1.6 kg for late sowing in Murcia, and a brix of 12.5º brix. Writing of medium abundance and medium intensity. Vigorous plant with very good health. .
New in the GALIA market with ORANGE flesh. Round, slightly flattened fruit of 1.5 kg medium weight and deep orange flesh. Abundant and intense netting. It stands out for its high brix of 14.5 º and the uniformity in production. It develops a very vigorous, dark and very resistant to powdery mildew plant.
Hybrid melon of the GALIA type with vigorous plants and easy setting. The fruits are round and turn deep yellow at full maturity. Fine and dense writing. Average weight from 1.6 to 2.0 kg. Light green color and very sweet pulp. Suitable for greenhouse in early plantings and cultivation in open field.